With the Watchmaker at the Bench


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In With the Watchmaker at the Bench, author Donald de Carle, a medalist and fellow of the British Horological Institute. opens with the following statement: “I shall attempt to sit at the bench with [the reader], as it were, to give him, so far as I am able, the advantage of the apprenticeship as it should be given.” The book is perfect for the watchmaking beginner; de Carle lays out all the steps in watch repair in simple, easy-to-understand language. Accompanied by more than 100+ high quality illustrations, this book is one of de Carle’s countless contributions to the art of horology.

The book is comprised of 10 chapters on watch and clock repair principles, such as:

  • the layout of the watchmaking and clockmaking workshop,
  • cleaning and oiling the watch,
  • working with complications like the minute repeater and independent seconds, and
  • various forms of escapements.

The book also includes information about the watchmakers’ lathe: purchasing and caring for a watchmaker lathe, turning new screws, polishing watch components with lap, and much more.


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